Lt. Vincent R. Capodanno Memorial Chapel

DPMRSG has been raising funds to restore the Lt Capodanno Chapel at San Mateo, home of the 5th Marines at Camp Pendleton.  The Father Capodanno chapel is a historic gem which is badly aged and in disrepair.  Servant of God Vincent Robert Capodanno (Feb 13, 1929 – Sept 4, 1967) was a United States Navy Roman Catholic chaplain and a posthumous recipient of America’s highest military decoration — the Medal of Honor — for actions during the Vietnam War.

The Lt Capodanno Chapel is a non-denominational Church which was named after this American Hero. A few years ago, the building was saved from being torn down and was partially renovated by the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group. It needs more renovation to be a house of worship that has the dignity befitting all those Marines and families who give such selfless sacrifice.

The Lt Capodanno Chapel is a very special place with great historic value. We would be privileged if you joined us in restoring this Chapel to the function and beauty it deserves.  Approval as a gift to the Regiment is underway.