Providing Support to our 5th Marines & Their Families

The Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group (DPMRSG) Board is comprised of citizens who reside in the Dana Point area that willingly devote substantial time and talent to achieve goals that will benefit active duty 5th Marine Regiment Personnel and their Families. Learn more or Contact Us.

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Purple Heart Memorial Monument

Our 5th Marine Wounded-in-action deserved special recognition for their personal courage shown and sacrifices made.  These military heroes represent honor and on February 22nd, 2017 an enduring monument was dedicated in the 5th Marine Memorial Park on George Washington’s Birthday to serve as a symbol of the bravery these valiant 5th Marines made in the name of freedom.  The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those wounded or killed while serving with the U.S. Military.